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Sweepstakes, cafes to shut down by end of March | News
And of course the real property occupied by the sweepstakes parlor is taxable, regardless of whether it is owned by the sweepstakes operator or by another taxpayer. Would a refund be justified if an internet sweepstakes business is later shut down by law enforcement?

Iredells sweepstakes businesses remain in legal limbo sweepstakes business shut down by local attorney
The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that sweepstakes making it difficult to shut the businesses down. Anderson said the local district attorney’s office is planning to hold a

Alamance Co. ready to shut down sweepstakes businesses
Local sweepstakes businesses have been forced to shut down in the wake of a federal deal by which numerous software companies are cutting off their supply to those establishments statewide. Currently, many of the more prominent internet cafes in Sampson County are either revamping, regrouping or have shut down altogether.

Sweepstakes cafe software company pays $1.8 million
Or at least tried to. As I explained in this post, most internet sweepstakes parlors shut down after the ban was passed in 2010 and was finally upheld by the North Carolina Supreme Court in 2012. But some sweepstakes businesses continued to operate, claiming that …

Despite ban, sweepstakes cafes fight to stay open
A major player in the so-called sweepstakes cafe business has paid $1.8 million in penalties and costs in a case linked to a Kern County investigation.The Kern County District Attorneys Office

Property Taxes on Internet Sweepstakes - Coates Canons sweepstakes business shut down by local attorney
According to District Attorney Seth Edwards, 24 businesses were personally served this week with cease and desist letters regarding illegal internet café and sweepstakes machines in the Second Judicial District, which includes Beaufort, Hyde, Martin, Tyrrell and Washington counties. The letter states that effective seven days from the service of the letter, law enforcement agencies […]

Sweepstakes shut down | Sampson Independent - Clinton NC
Sweepstakes, cafes to shut down by end of March the county is cracking down and enforcing the sweepstakes business ban. Nominate Your Favorite Local Business.

Sweepstakes, internet cafés put on notice | News
HICKORY, NC — Law enforcement started enforcing a state ban on video sweepstakes gaming parlors Thursday. Meanwhile, sweepstakes parlor owners were trying to figure out what options they have to

Prosecutor: Investigation of sweepstakes business to be
District attorney moves to shut down sweepstakes. By Seth Edwards. Email the author. law enforcement agencies will consider criminal charges for any business that continues to violate North Carolina law regarding gambling and sweepstakes operations such as electronic sweepstakes, video gaming and slot machines, including fish games

Legal or not, about 10 sweepstakes businesses in Alamance
Sweepstakes businesses were notified in December to shut down by March 1. Some Greensboro businesses ignore sweepstakes ban (VIDEO) Police find …