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AARP - Elevate Your Escape $5,000 Travel Sweepstakes (Expired)
THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! To learn more about the latest AARP sweepstakes, including ways to enter, click the link below. GO TO AARP SWEEPSTAKES

Has Anyone Won A Bing Rewards Sweepstakes? - Windows
Though sweepstakes swindles are among the top schemes year-round, prime season is now through summer. Take note, folks 65 and older: You fall for these ploys at triple the rate of people of other ages, the Federal Trade Commission reports. What you need to know: 1. If you’re told you won but must pay anything to claim winnings, it’s a scam.

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1 day ago · As it stand now under the new program you are only permitted to win one sweepstakes in a calendar month. Some sweepstakes last a few days, and some, usually ones with the more lucrative prizes, last almost the whole month. The longer the sweepstakes runs, the more points you invest trying to win

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